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Software Globalization

Globalization is the process of making a product ready for localization. This process includes implementing correct coding practices that enable an efficient and cost-effective localization into multiple languages and cultural conventions.

By leveraging its localization and software development experience, EYRON provides globalization services for companies interested in making their products localization-ready.

Software Localization

Localization is the process of fully adapting a product for use in a different language. This means much more than a simple conversion of text from one language to another: Localization includes adjustment of the product content, appearance and behavior to the cultural context and functional needs of the target audience, while maintaining the product's unique character, code integrity and the message it conveys.

For bi-directional (BIDI) languages, such as Hebrew and other complex script languages, the challenge of localization also encompasses the need to enable input and output written from right to left, left to right and any language combination involving both directions.

During its 20 years in business, EYRON has obtained vast experience in bi-directional localization of software products, Web sites and mobile devices. Our experience, as well as our outstanding service, has made us the quality bi-directional localization choice for many high tech leaders.

Any Language on Any Device

Language support can make – or break - the launch into a local market. By enabling appropriate language support on any device, cellular carriers, device manufacturers and local distributors can significantly contribute to turning a product launch into a success story.

Eyron has developed the know-how, the processes, and the automatic tools to embed any language on any device – thus allowing our customers to easily implement language support on their mobile devices.

Among the languages implemented by EYRON in mobile devices: Hebrew, Russian, Hindi, Turkish, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Flemish.

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